The best MRI experience I have ever had. Getting upright MRIs for my back problems has made 100 % of a positive difference in getting my back problems correctly assessed and treated. The reports and imaging provided by Upright MRI exceed the detail and quality of any other medical imaging I've ever gotten for my back. In addition, the staff is compassionate and communicative, and they are clearly well versed at working with people with chronic pain, disabilities, mobility issues and other medical issues. I felt supported as safe through the whole process, from making the appointment, to getting the MRIs done, to making sure my medical providers received all the imaging reports and results efficiently.    

- Anneliese

Upright MRI of Colorado is the only vertical open MRI in the state of Colorado. We offer kind and compassionate care for patients that are claustrophobic, unable to lay down or for those who want the benefit of weight bearing imaging.

Please have your doctor fax your orders to us at 303-649-9689.  Call us at 303-858-8855 for scheduling.

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We accept most government and private insurance plans, workers comp and auto insurance. We also offer liens and special pricing for self pay patients.

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There is considerable clinical evidence that the Weight-Bearing Upright MRI provides medical benefits that are not duplicated by any other MRI. 

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